2015 Brochure


If you’re searching for your next enduro fix, an all-mountain adventure or a real wilderness experience – you’ve come to the right place.

Join a group of like-minded riders or put us to work organising your very own private adventure – we’ve been creating unique mountain biking tours in Scotland for a long, long time.

We’re passionate about creating real guided & self-guided mountain bike adventures in Scotland. Let us show you why your next mountain bike holiday should be Scotland!



Our team’s been mountain biking in Scotland and the rest of the world for more than twenty five years – that means we know exactly what makes for a great mountain biking holiday.

More than that, with an unrivalled knowledge of Scotland’s best trails and magical landscapes; the logistics on land and sea to make the very most of your riding time, to show you the hidden gems, the off-map trails, the best inns, pubs and restaurants – tap into a truly memorable experience of Scotland with our help because we don’t want you missing out on any of the good stuff!


Aneela McKenna (AKA ‘Noisemaker’)


The brains behind the outfit, Aneela’s known for her infectious laughter and brings a lot of fun to the GO-WHERE experience. She’s a great motivator, and can often be heard at the back of the pack making sure everyone’s having a jolly good laugh!

Aneela recently joined the Juliana Bicycles ambassador programme and loves riding her Roubion. She’s passionate about getting more women into the sport and finds nothing more satisfying than seeing other women ride harder, stronger and most importantly gain confidence and value their skills. She’s introducing new women’s adventures into the 2015 schedule too!

Aneela’s favourite saying tells a lot about her outlook:

“I don’t ride a bike to add days to my life. I ride a bike to add life to my days!”

Andy McKenna (AKA ‘The Bear’)


Andy’s a dedicated (hairy) mountain biker and has been since the mid 80’s, spending far too much time pouring over maps, exploring the mountains of Scotland and beyond.

Turning his passion for two-wheeled adventure into a successful mountain bike guiding & tour business, Andy’s an experienced mountain bike guide and a (very) reluctant administrator so he tries to get out of the office and onto the hill as much as he possibly can!

“I get such a buzz showing off how amazing the riding is in Scotland – it’s the best job in the world being able to take what I’ve learned about Scotland over the past 20+ years and turn that into somebody’s dream trip!”

Learn more about Andy in an interview with Dirt Magazine.

Andy Stanford (AKA ‘McStanford’)


Our Senior Guide Andy’s originally from Manchester, honing his passion for mountain biking grinding the trails of the Northern Pennines before he realised the error of his ways and shipped north to Scotland to settle with his family.

We’re fortunate to have Andy on the team – as one of Scotland’s most experienced mountain bike guides, he’s spent a lifetime thriving in the outdoor industry. If he’s not actually guiding a trip, you’ll find him weaving a pretty quick dash along a ribbon of singletrack around his home in the Trossachs.

“I’ve been lucky to guide and lead a wide variety of clients all over the world. I’ve been fortunate enough to have travelled and ridden all over, from the US and Canada to the Alps and New Zealand – Scotland as a riding destination however has to be the winner hands down for me though! Awesome scenery, belting trails and amazing wildlife.”

Huw Oliver (AKA ‘Huwbert’)


Huw is like the proverbial Duracell Bunny – he’ll try anything at least once and he usually does pretty well at it too. Bikepacking across Iceland, Enduro racing, 24 hour marathons or the simple joy of finding out what that trail on a map is like in real life, his wealth of experience and sage outlook on what can be achieved on a bike is a thing to behold.

Huw has guided and raced abroad, but his heart is very much in Scotland.

 “The endless variety of Scottish riding makes it such a satisfying experience to share it with like-minded people, as long as I have the essential fuel of peanut butter and jam sandwiches!”

Favourite places to ride?

 “The North-West highlands – after a long day out in the hills, a Scottish summer sunset over the sea lochs and islands is all the peace I could ask for.”

Amen to that!

Craig Coid (AKA ‘Kato’)


Craig is an ageing youngster with a keen eye for a good line and a fine dram. Hiking, climbing and mostly biking across Scotland and Europe for the past 25 years plus, he’s had many outstanding journeys across endless single track, seeking the setting sun.

Racing and running the Scottish XC series for ten years, Craig knows a bit about the biking scene in our big country, most importantly the sweetest trails and how to find the van again!

‘‘There’s little as satisfying as taking keen bikers on a voyage of discovery on some my favourite trails and seeing their widest smile at the end of the day, washed down with a nice little Balvenie of course.’’

Whisper it, he even has a road bike, but enjoys it best when swooping down dusty single track on full bounce or hard trail.

Favourite routes?

“… those shared with friends, old and new alike.”

Our Experience

As you would expect from an outfit like ours, there’s a raft of training, awards and qualifications behind Scotland’s most authentic mountain biking adventures. Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to receive more than our fair share of endorsements from guests, our partners and the media – and we’ve picked up a pretty strong list of awards.

Here’s just some of the important ones that mean you’re in safe hands and sure to have a great time in the mountains of Scotland!

 • MBLA Mountain bike Leader Summer and Winter

• MBLA Night Riding Leader

• Go MTB Level 5 Assessor

• MBLA Level 1 Aspirant Tutor

• Velotech Gold Cycle Maintainance Award

• Summer Mountain Leader Award

• HSE First Aid in the Outdoors

• B.A.S.P Emergency Outdoor First Aid

For more reasons to book a mountain biking trip with us in Scotland…


You need to know you’ve picked the right outfit to deliver your mountain biking adventure.

There’s lots of behind-the-scenes stuff going into making our trips what they are – the most authentic, adventurous mountain bike experiences in Scotland – and much of that comes from spending a lot (a lot!) of time exploring the mountains, the trails, meeting the locals, getting to know the accommodation, eateries, the ferry masters, the distillers and brewers etc. It’s been a lot of fun along the way, and we’re still learning after twenty five years and counting!

“Let’s get one thing straight from the get go – you needn’t worry about whether the rides are going to be exceptional. You can take that for granted.”


A Few More Reasons

Like most things, you get what you pay for – so here’s a few facts to consider when you’re comparing our trips with some of the ‘cheaper’ alternatives.

Consumer Financial Protection

Each and every client who signs up for one of our mountain biking packages should know that their monies are protected. This is in fact a legal requirement. Not every adventure company even knows this and some choose to ignore it. Why? Because it’s an expensive, complicated process to become fully insured in this way, and not every application is accepted. Ours was. Your money’s safe with us.

Tour Operators Liability

Okay, so you’re a little more relaxed about spending your money with us – great! But did you know that in the UK it’s us, the tour operators who’re liable for all aspects of your mountain bike package. Ask your supplier if they have ‘Tour Operators Liability Cover’. You need it. They should have it.

Expert Mountain Bike Guides

Our guides are fully trained and qualified to the highest standards essential to operate in the mountain environments our trips take place.

“So what, we’re a bunch of friends, we ride lots and we’re pretty good at navigation.”

We hear this all the time, and we don’t want to baby anyone – that’s why we offer self-guided packages too, but only once we’re confident that our clients will be safe first, and have a great experience second.

When you pay for our services, you’re paying for the reassurance that we know our way around the mountains, how to read people, the local conditions, logistics, fix mechanicals etc and always have a second ‘A plan’ up our sleeve.

As well as being extraordinarily great human beings (as standard!), all guides hold as a minimum the Mountain Bike Leader qualification, and emergency outdoor first aid qualifications. We believe these to be the most robust and rigorous qualifications in the business and the minimum standard for running trips like ours in Scotland. They’re not easy to come by but your enjoyment is a serious business. We’re serious about your enjoyment.

Safety First

An adventure wouldn’t be an ‘adventure’ without a degree of risk. It’s our job to manage those risks so you have the best time possible.

As well as substantial field first aid kits, your guides will be packing or distributing among the group essential group emergency items including mobile telecom’s, VHF long-range radios, emergency survival shelters, and extra emergency clothing and supplies.

We employ robust late back procedures, and every trip has been fully risk assessed. While no one can guarantee a 100% safe trip, we do everything possible to minimise risks.

And long before we depart we ensure the trip is suitable for you – none of this one size fits all approach; it simply doesn’t work!

Add to that our comprehensive pre-departure package including trip notes and essential kit, all you’re left to do is get in shape and count down the days!

Our ‘Playground’ – Scotland

Only one thing matches our desire to enjoy Scotland’s amazing outdoors – our commitment to contribute to sustainable adventure tourism in Scotland.

That means we operate ‘small footprint’ mountain bike adventures to minimise any negative environmental impacts of running our business, and as well as being members of the key environmental organisations in Scotland, we encourage our clients to consider their interaction with the environments they are riding. And wherever possible, we make use of local hospitality, products and services to ensure our trips contribute economically to the rural environments we enjoy so much.

The Bottom Line

You’ll realise that running mountain bike adventures in a legitimate, sustainable, safe, and most of all fun way comes at a price. Hopefully you’ll agree we’re on the money.


Weekend Mountain Biking

Dirty Weekends

Take the very best of mountain bike holidays in Scotland. Shrink them. Squeeze out the most iconic rides – and voila! Four day mountain bike weekend breaks – taking in the very best of the Border Raid, Torrid Affairs and Crown Jewels trips.

Just because these long weekend mountain biking breaks are short, don’t think for a second that they’re watered down versions of the ‘big trips’ – the last thing we’ll do is skimp on the special ingredients. It just means we’ve thought extra long and hard, poured over the OS maps, talked at length with our accommodation providers and we’re now able to offer some very ‘dirty weekends’ on our favourite trails!

The Trips

Bite sized enough to fit into a long weekend but don’t underestimate the riding – you can expect up to four awesome rides out on incredible trails in iconic settings including Torridon, the Isle of Skye, the Tweed Valley and the East Highland gems of the Cairngorms, Deeside and Angus Glens. We’ve cherrypicked the very best routes from each area and squeezed them into an action packed long weekend of joyous riding, great banter and apres-biking fun!

The Logistics

Book with us and we’ll sort out your accommodation, provide all transfers, shuttles and guiding too.

Here’s what you can expect

  • Travel Friday morning pick up. Flexible return transport for riders, bikes and gear and return on Monday evening (with pick-ups available from our base in the Tweed Valley and en-route to our destination)
  • Rides Four superb rides!
  • Accommodation Three nights fantastic accommodation (ranging from luxury lochside lodges, rustic hostels, boutique bunkhouses, to the best independent B&B’s and Inns in Scotland)
  • Breakfast: Healthy & hearty breakfasts to set you up each day
  • Shuttles Shuttles during the weekend where necessary
  • Guiding Professional guiding throughout your trip
  • Support Mechanical assistance

Trip Dates

Mini Torrid Affair

  • 10/07 – 13/07
  • 14/08 – 17/08
  • Price: £510.00 per person

Day 1

Trips typically begin with a fresh coffee (of course!) and a rendezvous around 9am in the Tweed Valley with alternative pick-ups in Edinburgh, Perth and Inverness (full details received prior to departure).

After high-fives and handshakes, a last-minute supply run may be the order of the day, then we safely secure our precious cargo onto our custom bike trailer, load the minibus, turn on the tunes and kick off the mini-adventure!

We’ll treat ourselves to a tasty ride on some lesser-known trail delights as we truck north to our secret loch side HQ. By the time we swing into the Glen we’ll be ready to crack open the beers and rustle up a hearty dinner – and maybe even enjoy an ale or a dram* by the fire overlooking tomorrow’s mountains.

*Maybe best not overdo it though…Day 2 might be a big one!

Day 2

Waking up to 360 degree epicness – stunning views of mountains rising straight from the loch; it’s quite a spot to polish off a hearty breakfast, drain the last drop of fresh java from the cafetierre before donning bike gear, fettling bikes and steering a course for those very same peaks.

Day 2 could be a ‘three-sandwich’ kind of day…whichever route we pick, prepare to be out in the mountains all day, picking the best lines amongst the boulder strewn singletrack. You can expect the bike to be over your shoulder or on your back at points – the riding in this part of Scotland has its challenges for everyone, but the best descents in Europe are well worth the effort. And the awesome mountain backdrop helps take the sting out of the climbs so don’t forget your camera!

And we all know the beer tastes sweeter when it’s earned.

Day 3

Today is one of those mornings where the mountain views from a cosy bed slow up progress for a while, but what’s waiting for us on the Isle of Skye has a stronger pull than the duvet!

We’ll pick a tasty route – whether an epic out and back, a stunning coastal loop, or a short uber-technical alpine sortie. We’ll grab coffee and cake after the ride (are you sensing we like our coffee!!) and by the time we roll back to HQ in the evening, it’ll be time for a loch side BBQ, a hearty home-cooked meal or some pub fayre served locally.

Day 4

Just as you’re getting into the groove, you realise it’s our very last day (why didn’t I sign up for the week-long trip?!) – so let’s make the very most of it!

Retracing the ancient coffin road (singletrack) across the Applecross Peninsula we’ll climb onto an exposed headland with stunning views all around, before weaving our way to the coast, climbing and descending on some of the world’s most ancient rock. Singletrack created by the Gods!

Your prayers will be answered because the ride finishes nearby one of Scotland’s finest and friendliest seafood restaurants – the Applecross Inn. After a late lunch at the Inn, we’ll travel over the UK’s most alpine pass – Bealach-na-Baa – to catch the sun setting as we start our homeward journey south.

Mini Crown Jewels

  • 8/05 – 11/05
  • 22/05 – 25/05
  • 3/07 – 6/07
  • Price: £495.00 per person

Day 1

We’re spoiled for choice in this largely unknown biker’s mecca, so we’ll treat ourselves to a tasty ride on some lesser-known jewels before we truck further northeast to the beautiful highland village of Ballater. By the time we swing into the village it’ll be beer and grub o’clock!

Day 2

Ballater opens up so many great rides straight from the door of our ‘boutique’ bunkhouse – we’ll either fuel up for an all day all-mountain epic, or we can split the day down into morning and afternoon singletrack missions with coffee and cake sandwiched in between.

Day 3

The choice of riding here is ridiculous and it’ll probably come down to the toss of a coin – eight hour big-mountain monster loop, four hour singletrack hit – take your pick. We’ll thrash out the day’s schedule over breakfast and coffee before hitting the trails.

Day 4

Dirty Weekends never last long enough, but don’t despair – we’ll squeeze in one more ride to showcase what makes this mountain bikers paradise just so special. Be prepared for a little hike-a-bike but trust us that the descent will be worth it!

We’ll reload the truck, grab a quick bite and bid fond farewells to Braemar having just scratched the surface of what’s beneath this sleepy little mountain town.


Mini Border Raid

  • 3/04 – 6/04
  • 15/05 – 18/05
  • 2/10 – 5/10
  • Price: £475.00 per person

Day 1

Based out of Scotland’s enduro heartland, Innerleithen, we’ll rendezvous around 11am at your accommodation in the Tweed Valley (earlier pick-ups are available in Edinburgh – you’ll receive full details beforehand). Over lunch and a coffee in the best cafe in the Borders we’ll get to know everyone before hitting the trails for an afternoon of tight, twisty singletrack heaven.

That evening, we’ll probably give in to the lure of the local pub and enjoy some great grub, a tasty ale and the buzz from shredding some of the funnest descents anywhere.

Day 2

Five minutes out the door of your fantastic accommodation, you’ll be picking up your second taste of what’s on offer in the Tweed Valley. We’ll take it easy on the climbs, keeping plenty in the tanks for the good bits. Tight, rooty, steep singletrack descents are the rewards for some serious climbing!

Day 3

The variety of riding here is huge, and the quality is consistently nuts! We’ll shuttle out of the village to shake things up and find a little spice. When the sun is shining the Tweed Valley’s ridgelines offer riders a commanding perspective of Scotland’s wee mountain biking kingdom. Just as you think you’re getting on top of the riding, we’ll see if we can’t pull out a few surprises to keep you on your toes…

Day 4

With so much riding on our doorstep, we’ve plenty of time for a final dose of singletrack goodness to keep your head spinning for weeks! If your appetite for new adventures still isn’t satisfied then we still have some treats in store, or revisit your favourite spot so far to have another crack at that tricky corner. It might be goodbye for now, but you know where to find us next time.


Torrid Affair™

Magical Wilderness

Words don’t do it justice…but let’s try. Close your eyes for a second – imagine being transported to a world of rock slabs, towering mountains, glens and sea lochs stretching as far as the eye can see. Add mountain bikes and you’re getting close to the landscapes and terrain we’ll be riding on the Torrid Affair mountain bike adventure – check out our bike partner’s video and you’ll get an idea what’s in store!

We’ve been exploring this area for 10+ years, and it might sound corny but no matter how often we ride in this remote corner of Scotland the sheer scale of the mountains and the quality of the trails never fail to blow us away as we unload the bikes and take our first pedal strokes deep into this magical wilderness.

When we shared this epic place with Danny Milner of MBR Magazine he was smitten after the very first pedal stroke into the glens:

“A torrid affair: The hills around Torridon in the Scottish Highlands are beautiful enough to inspire a holiday romance, with GO-WHERE as our trusty chaperone.”

They voted it ‘Trail of the Year 2011′ after spending a week with us cherry picking the best riding in the area, so come find out whether they were exaggerating or not!

And as if the opportunity to ride in this remote corner of Scotland wasn’t reward enough in itself, on our week long and custom trips we explore the whole northwestern corner of Scotland, and load up and hop over the sea to the Isle of Skye to take on the might of the rugged Cuillins too!

The Trip

Every sense, every muscle, every skill in your mountain biking armoury will be challenged and rewarded in equal measure as we ride in a landscape where dinosaurs wouldn’t look out of place – the North West Highlands of Scotland are a truly must ride destination!

  • Type of Trip All-mountain
  • Technical ability level Strong Intermediate to Advanced (you see yourself as a capable mountain biker)
  • Fitness You’ll be easy about riding for four to eight hours on consecutive days by the time you join this trip
  • How Challenging? You’ll experience every kind of natural trail feature imagineable!
  • How Long? Seven nights / eight days (Saturday to Saturday)

Here’s what you can expect

  • A week exploring the best trails of the Northwest Highlands and the Isle of Skye
  • Expert Leadership and Professional Guiding
  • Accommodation: luxurious lochside lodge in the heart of the Scottish Highlands
  • Daily healthy n hearty breakfasts to set you up for the day
  • Private transportation throughout the trip
  • Backup vehicle and mechanical support
  • Detailed pre-departure information
  • Trip photos
  • Join the trip in Peebles area, Edinburgh, Perth or Inverness (alternative arrangements may be possible – please contact us to discuss)

Trip Dates

  • 25/04 – 02/05
  • 20/06 – 27/06
  • 18/07 – 25/07
  • 1/08 – 8/08
  • 22/08 – 29/08
  • 12/09 – 19/09

Trip Tips

Throw out those skinny lightweight cross-country tyres –  this trip is screaming out for sturdy rubber and big volume casings!

Crown Jewels

More Alpine than the Alps!

Come and sample the incredible riding in her Royal Highness’ ‘backyard’ – the Cairngorms, Angus Glens and Deeside. We guarantee you’ll be spoiled for choice in this secret mountain bikers paradise.

The Trip

It feels like we’ve been riding here forever and the mountain biking never gets stale because there’s so much to choose from. Each day, we spider out into the wilderness by bike or in the vehicle from the picture postcard Highland villages of Braemar and Ballater to pick up ancient drove roads, forgotten tracks and the rock strewn ‘Alpine-esque’ singletrack that the area is renowned for.

Our Crown Jewels trip is something we’re very proud of – not least because it’s in one of those areas that’s still very much under the radar of the mountain biking public so it comes as a big surprise just how fantastic the riding is. But also because it offers up such a huge variety of riding from big mountain epics to sweet ribbons of singletrack (plus a healthy slice of ‘apres-biking’ too!).

  • Type of Trip All-mountain
  • Ability Suitable for intermediate to advanced riders (for private groups we can also tailor the riding to suit strong beginners)
  • How Challenging? The sheer variety of riding in the area means this is one part of Scotland where the riding can be pitched according to ability and preference

Here’s what you can expect

      • Expert Leadership and Professional Guiding
      • Unique group accommodation in the heart of the East Highlands
      • Daily buffet breakfasts to set you up for the day
      • Private transportation throughout the trip
      • Backup vehicle and mechanical support
      • Detailed pre-departure information
      • Trip photos
      • Join the trip in Peebles area, Edinburgh or Perth (alternative arrangements may be possible – please contact us to discuss)

Trip Tips

Looking for world-class riding and a real wilderness feel? And a real Scottish Highland village to come back to at the end of the day – to enjoy a fresh coffee, a real ale, or a hearty evening meal – not to mention one of  Scotland’s best stocked bike shops just around the corner? This trip’s for you!

Border Raid

Mission Enduro!

Introducing the latest in our growing arsenal of intrepid mountain biking adventures, the Border Raid™ slingshots riders into the UK’s enduro epicentre – the Tweed Valley in the Scottish Borders.

Home to the best loved 7Stanes Glentress and Innerleithen trail centres, in 2009 MBR Magazine set out with us in pursuit of the disused, the forgotten and the remote – and since then the area has become infamous for its off-piste and enduro trails. Join us and we’ll help you uncover the Enduro World Series gems and a whole lot more besides!

The Trip

The Tweed Valley’s riddled with superb riding – what we’ll show you are some of the best natural, off-piste and off-map trails in the world.

  • Type of riding All-mountain
  • Trails A mix of natural backcountry trails, trail-centre link ups, and technical enduro descents
  • Technical Ability Intermediate to Advanced
  • How Challenging? This is entirely up to you as we can mix and match the rides to suit

Here’s what you can expect

  • Expert Leadership and Professional Guiding
  • Up to four great rides
  • Three nights luxury accommodation in our very own riders retreat in Innerleithen
  • Healthy n hearty breakfasts to set you up each day
  • Transfers and private transportation throughout the trip
  • Detailed pre-departure information
  • Trip photos
  • Join the trip in Innerleithen (alternative arrangements may be possible – please contact us to discuss)

Trip Dates

  • 3/04 – 6/04
  • 15/05 – 18/05
  • 2/10 – 5/10


Big Mountain Safari

All-mountain backcountry sojourn

On this, our flagship custom tour we’ll help create your ultimate mountain bike adventure in Scotland.

Guided. Self-guided. Coached. You decide! Think about it as Scotland’s wildest rides – tamed. On this epic mountain biking journey through Scotland, you have lots of options:

  • Simply enjoy the most adventurous riding in the most varied locations across Scotland with an expert guide
  • Go it alone with a self-guided option
  • Or, let our mountain bike coaching partners Dirt School help you find your mountain biking mojo with world-class coaching along the way*

The Trips

Tailored for you from several days to as long as you desire – you can ride through the most iconic of Scottish mountainscapes from the Scottish Borders, Cairngorms, Glencoe and Ft William to Knoydart, the Isle of Skye and Torridon. On the big one, you’ll take six individual boat trips, spend a day riding off the gondola in Fort William, eat in the UK’s remotest pub and ride beautiful natural trails under some of the most breathtaking mountain tops in Scotland.

Scotland can be a wild place. A place of big mountains, rock faces, boulder strewn trails and some of the best wild riding imaginable. IMBA didn’t give Scotland global superstar status for nothing and on this voyage of discovery you’ll soon find out why! Accessing this remote back country can be a daunting prospect yet it can be the most inspirational and exciting riding terrain there is. It’s an adventure that takes you one step at a time until you reach the final, ultimate and iconic routes of Scotland.

  • Type of Trip All-mountain guided, coached* or self-guided
  • Level Tailored to suit your abilities and aspirations
  • How Long? As a custom trip we tailor the duration to suit you
  • How Challenging? It’s up to you!
  • Adventure Factor? Off the Scale!

The Coaching*

Have you ever seen a photograph of a rider immersed in the mountains, surrounded by peaks and beautiful trails and wanted to be that rider in the photo? Thought you would never be able to get out there and ride it? Well we want you to be that rider, experience those landscapes and ride those trails in style.

That’s why the UK’s leading big mountain tour company and mountain bike coaching company have joined forces – to share our knowledge of the best trails in the world, with you and to show you how to ride it, to tame it and to conquer it.

“Everyone, even world champions have a coach, and we’re there to not only better your riding – regardless of your experience – but also to allow you to get the most out of the wilderness by building your confidence and helping to remove the stress of a solo venture.” Chris Ball, Director, Dirt School

Consider this trip a holiday with benefits – an investment not just in your experiences but in yourself. You’ll leave us not only with memories of epic trails in incredible locations but also with the skill set to take your riding up a gear when you get back home. As a safari, we take you on the road to only the best spots, building you up from some of Scotland’s finest managed trails, to our biggest and most beautiful wild mountain routes.

By the end of this trip your riding will be through the roof, and you’ll already be thinking of when to book your next trip to Scotland. Based on the week-long tour, to make sure you get the most out of the Safari we start the trip with one and half days on specially selected mountain bike trail centres that give us the opportunity to talk you through what you’ll encounter out in the wilds, get you prepared for the big country – so you can go on to experience the wild rides without feeling like you’re in a classroom. After all, our aim is to give you the tools to truly experience the big mountains without feeling frustrated, overly challenged or nervous about what lies ahead.

Following your first few days of being coach led, the teaching element will back off and the guided adventure takes over, giving you the chance to absorb, ride and enjoy the trip. However, your coach will never leave you flying solo. In fact they’ll be on hand the whole week to help you, answer your questions and make sure you have everything you need to really get the most from the riding.

“Is this a training camp?”

No Way – it’s the opposite. This trip is a holiday with benefits. Fun and good times are the main aim of this trip, we’re just here to make sure that when you come across a challenge on the trail, we can help you get over it so you can go on to experience the next amazing view, singletrack or landscape.

You can expect a structured introduction to key techniques and skills in the first two days. You’ll then be left to practice them out on the big terrain but never without a coach to help with anything you need. This way, you can enjoy your riding and the epic scenery and still learn and grow in ability and confidence throughout the week.

The Logistics

Book with us and we’ll sort out your accommodation, provide all transfers, shuttles and guiding too.

Big Mountain Safari™

Here’s what you can expect

  • An itinerary created by experts to suit you
  • Professional Coaching (*optional)
  • Video of your riding throughout the week (*optional)
  • Apres ride playback sessions if you desire (*optional)
  • Individual focus on your riding development
  • Great group experience, mellow atmosphere and good times
  • Expert answers to any riding questions you may have
  • Adventure!
  • Professional Guide (alternatively, if you opt for a self-guided trip – once we’re confident you’ll be okay going it alone – we’ll let you loose in the wilds fully loaded with an action-packed itinerary, GPS files and maps of your rides) 
  • Quality Hotel / Guest House Accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis (self-catering, and more modest options also available)
  • Baggage transfers, ferries and private transportation throughout the trip
  • Gondola lift passes (*optional)
  • Charter boat access to remote trail gems (*optional)
  • Mechanical Support
  • Detailed pre-departure information
  • Trip photos
  • Join the trip at the location that suits you (please contact us to discuss)


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