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Bursting for a big bike adventure and fun-times? Ride truly amazing trails in Scotland with other like-minded women on our Mountain Lassies trips – experience Scotland’s best mountain biking and push your comfort zone as much or as little as you like knowing the rest of the crew are 100% behind you.

What makes the Mountain Lassies tour unique?

  • Higher than average‘Camaraderie Quotient’ – feel strong knowing you’ll get as much or as little guidance as you’ll need!
  • Become more mountain savvy – planning for big mountain rides, learn trail repairs, learn how to read the local conditions and terrain (or if you’re already a super-confident all-rounder – come on board and share your expertise with the group!)
  • Ease out of your comfort zone – conquer those obstacles and push that little bit further
  • Guaranteed good times – have fun on and off the bike and make new friends from around the world

The Trips

Positive focus on your strengths and all the amazing aspects of biking – riding in amazing places, absorbing amazing scenery, new challenges and finding new-found flow! Ride for yourself – no need to worry about pace or ‘keeping up.’

  • Type of TripAll-mountain
  • Trip Grading Each trip is individually graded so you can find one that suits where your riding is at (or where you want to take it to)
  • How Long? Two to seven days

The Logistics

Book a mountain bike trip with us and we’ll sort out your itinerary, transport*, great accommodation and fun, friendly professional female mountain bike guides for the rides.

Here’s what you can expect

  • Graded Rides Every trip is packed with superb riding – find the one geared towards your abilities and preferences
  • Accommodation Fantastic B&B or luxury Lodge accommodation right at the heart of the riding
  • Expert female Guides Professional mountain bike guides who know exactly what makes for an epic adventure with a wealth of local knowledge to share!
  • Comprehensive Support Including First Aid and mechanical assistance throughout your trip
  • Explore the best trails in Scotland (and probably the world!)
  • Detailed pre-departure information
  • Trip photos

Trip Dates

Mountain Lassies Border Raid

  • 21st to 23rd April |Level 2+ | Price: £315.00 per person
  • 25th to 27th August |Level 3+ | Price: £315.00 per person

If you have different dates in mind please contact us to discuss opening up a new trip for your group.



You’ll arrive in the Valley (hopefully) in time for a lovely pub meal and a nightcap before settling down for a great night’s rest at your handpicked accommodation – sleep well because the real fun begins tomorrow!


We’ll rendezvous at your accommodation in the Tweed Valley and over a coffee in the best cafe in the Borders we’ll get to know everyone before hitting the trails for a full day of tight, twisty singletrack heaven.

The variety of riding here is huge, and the quality is consistently nuts! When the sun is shining the Tweed Valley’s ridgelines offer riders a commanding perspective of Scotland’s wee mountain biking kingdom. Just as you think you’re getting on top of the riding, we’ll see if we can’t pull out a few surprises to keep you on your toes…

That evening, you’ll probably give in to the lure of the local pub and enjoy some great grub, a tasty ale and the buzz from shredding some of the funnest descents anywhere.


Five minutes out the door of your fantastic accommodation, you’ll be picking up your second taste of what’s on offer in the Tweed Valley. We’ll take it easy on the climbs, keeping plenty in the tanks for the good bits. Tight, rooty, steep singletrack descents are the rewards for some serious climbing!

With so much riding on our doorstep, we’ve plenty of time for a final dose of singletrack goodness to keep your head spinning for weeks! If your appetite for new adventures still isn’t satisfied then we still have some treats in store, or revisit your favourite spot so far to have another crack at that tricky corner. It might be goodbye for now, but you know where to find us next time.

Soul Trails – Torrid Affair

    • 22nd to 29th July |Level 3-4 | Price: £995.00 per person

Day 2

Waking up to 360 degree epicness – stunning views of mountains rising straight from the loch; it’s quite a spot to polish off a hearty breakfast, drain the last drop of fresh java from the cafétière before donning bike gear, fettling bikes and steering a course for those very same peaks.

Day 2 could be a ‘three-sandwich’ kind of day…whichever route we pick, prepare to be out in the mountains all day, picking the best lines amongst the boulder strewn singletrack the northwest highlands are notorious for. You can expect the bike to be over your shoulder or on your back at points – the riding in this part of Scotland has its challenges for everyone, but the best descents in Europe are well worth the effort. And the awesome mountain backdrop helps take the sting out of the climbs so don’t forget your camera!

Plus, we all know the beer tastes sweeter when it’s earned.

Day 3

On day 3 it’s time to return to the big mountain buffet for a flavour of your choosing: there’s no shortage of new trails and new views to blow your socks off! With a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast under our belts, there should be plenty of fuel in the tank to get right back to it and get stuck in to the good stuff.

By now you’ll be getting your eye in, and hopefully understanding why we just can’t keep ourselves away from this place. Big climbs, big scenery, big smiles: it’s all there to be earned. Serious days call for serious relaxation back at base though, so alongside a hearty evening meal we can raise a glass to our achievements so far.

Day 4

We’ll see how everybody’s feeling after two big mountain days – today’s an optional chill-out or ‘lighter’ ride day.

You might be curious to see the area at a slightly more leisurely pace, or just burning to know what the local whisky tastes like! As good as it is, this part of Scotland has a lot going for it to compliment the great riding, so we’ll make sure to show you a little of the special character of the area.

Day 5

Today’s one of those mornings where the mountain views from a cosy bed may slow up progress for a while, but what’s waiting for us on the Isle of Skye has a stronger pull than the duvet!

We’ll pick a tasty route – whether an epic point-to-point, a stunning coastal loop, or a short uber-technical alpine sortie, or even a combo if time and stamina allow. We’ll grab coffee and cake after the ride (are you sensing we like our coffee!!) and by the time we roll back to HQ in the evening, it’ll be time for a loch side BBQ, a hearty home-cooked meal or some pub fayre served locally.

Day 6

By now we’ll have had a chance to get to know each other, share our favourite moments and get an idea of what makes us tick as riders. If you’re still hungering for more big mountain days then we have a treat in store for you among the lofty ridges and pinnacles of Kintail. Travelling down the coast a little takes us to an area with a completely different character, where more jaw-dropping trails lurk between high peaks.

A coastal start reminds us of the previous day’s adventures as we look out to Skye across the water, before we turn our heads to the mountains and negotiate ancient drove roads and mountain paths. We’ll certainly be earning our turns here, but before we drop in to another technical descent we’ll be rewarded with unforgettable views through to the stunning Glen Affric.

Day 7

Retracing the ancient coffin road (singletrack) across the Applecross Peninsula we’ll climb onto an exposed headland with stunning views all around, before weaving our way to the coast, climbing and descending on some of the world’s most ancient rock. Singletrack created by the Gods!

Your prayers will be answered because the ride finishes nearby one of Scotland’s finest and friendliest seafood restaurants – the Applecross Inn. After a late lunch at the Inn, we’ll travel over the UK’s most alpine pass – Bealach-na-Ba – to catch the setting sun as we truck back to HQ. There might be some legs that are glad for the relief, but we reckon your head will be bursting with ideas and dreams to come back here!

Day 8

Just as you’re getting into the groove, you realise it’s our very last day…after a relaxed breakfast, we’ll sort out our kit, take one last look at this incredible part of Scotland before starting our homeward journey south.

Hot Tips

Curious about this trip, but not quite sure if it’s really for you? Drop us a line and we’ll talk through the whole adventure with you!


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