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"Mountain biking??? This was adventure biking at it’s best!! Top notch; fun friendly, and professional!”

Torrid Affair™

Magical Wilderness

Words don’t do it justice…but let’s try. Close your eyes for a second – imagine being transported to a world of rock slabs, towering mountains, glens and sea lochs stretching as far as the eye can see. Add mountain bikes and you’re getting close to the landscapes and terrain we’ll be riding on the Torrid Affair mountain bike adventure – check out our bike partner’s video and our guest reviews for a flavour of what’s in store!

We’ve been exploring this area for 10+ years, and it might sound corny but no matter how often we ride in this remote corner of Scotland the sheer scale of the mountains and the quality of the trails never fail to blow us and our guests away as we unload the bikes and take our first pedal strokes deep into this magical wilderness.

When we shared this epic place with Danny Milner of MBR Magazine he was smitten after the very first pedal stroke into the glens:

“A torrid affair: The hills around Torridon in the Scottish Highlands are beautiful enough to inspire a holiday romance, with GO-WHERE as our trusty chaperone.”

They voted it ‘Trail of the Year 2011′ after spending a week with us cherry picking the best riding in the area, so come find out whether they were exaggerating or not!

And as if the opportunity to ride in this remote corner of Scotland wasn’t reward enough in itself, where conditions and stamina allow, we explore the whole northwestern corner of Scotland, and load up and hop over the sea to the Isle of Skye to take on the might of the rugged Cuillins too!

The Trip

Every sense, every muscle, every skill in your mountain biking armoury will be challenged and rewarded in equal measure as we ride in a landscape where dinosaurs wouldn’t look out of place – the North West Highlands of Scotland are a truly must ride destination!

  • Type of Trip All-mountain
  • Trip Grading Level 3 / 4 You’ll experience every kind of natural trail feature imagineable, and four to six hours+ daily saddle-time makes you grin from ear to ear!
  • How Long? Pick your flavour from three days to a full week-long adventure

Here’s what you can expect

  • Three, four or seven days exploring the best trails of the Northwest Highlands and the Isle of Skye
  • Professional Guides – expertly trained, hugely experienced but most of all great fun and with a wealth of local knowledge to share!
  • Accommodation in a stunning lochside lodge in the heart of the Northwest Highlands
  • Buffet breakfast to set you up for the day
  • Logistics and comprehensive support including backup vehicle, First Aid and mechanical assistance throughout your trip
  • Detailed pre-departure information
  • Trip photos
  • Join the trip in Innerleithen, Edinburgh, Perth, Aviemore or Inverness (alternative arrangements may be possible – please contact us to discuss)

2016 Trip Dates

Week-long (Saturday to Saturday)

  • 11th to 18th June
  • 13th to 20th August
  • 10th to 17th September
  • Logistics: A/B/G/T/S
  • Price: £875.00 per person (book now)

Part-week (Saturday to Wednesday)

  • 11th to 15th June
  • 13th to 17th August
  • 10th to 14th September
  • Logistics: A/B/G/TS/S
  • Price: £575.00 per person (book now)

Part-week (Wednesday to Saturday)

  • 15th to 18th June
  • 17th to 20th August
  • 14th to 17th September
  • Logistics: A/B/G/TF/S
  • Price: £475.00 per person (book now)

Day 1

Trips typically begin with a fresh coffee (of course!) and a rendezvous around 9am in the Tweed Valley with alternative pick-ups in Edinburgh, Perth and Inverness (full details are sent out beforehand).

After high-fives and handshakes, a last-minute supply run may be the order of the day, then we safely secure our precious cargo onto our custom bike trailer, load the minibus, turn on the tunes and kick off the mini-adventure!

As we truck north to our secret loch-side HQ, we’ll treat ourselves to a tasty ride on some lesser-known trail delights. By the time we swing into the Glen we’ll be ready to crack open the beers and rustle up a hearty dinner – and maybe even enjoy an ale or a dram* by the fire overlooking tomorrow’s mountains.

*Maybe best not overdo it though…Day 2 might be a big one!

Day 2

Waking up to 360 degree epicness – stunning views of mountains rising straight from the loch; it’s quite a spot to polish off a hearty breakfast, drain the last drop of fresh java from the cafétière before donning bike gear, fettling bikes and steering a course for those very same peaks.

Day 2 could be a ‘three-sandwich’ kind of day…whichever route we pick, prepare to be out in the mountains all day, picking the best lines amongst the boulder strewn singletrack the northwest highlands are notorious for. You can expect the bike to be over your shoulder or on your back at points – the riding in this part of Scotland has its challenges for everyone, but the best descents in Europe are well worth the effort. And the awesome mountain backdrop helps take the sting out of the climbs so don’t forget your camera!

Plus, we all know the beer tastes sweeter when it’s earned.

Day 3

On day 3 it’s time to return to the big mountain buffet for a flavour of your choosing: there’s no shortage of new trails and new views to blow your socks off! With a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast under our belts, there should be plenty of fuel in the tank to get right back to it and get stuck in to the good stuff.

By now you’ll be getting your eye in, and hopefully understanding why we just can’t keep ourselves away from this place. Big climbs, big scenery, big smiles: it’s all there to be earned. Serious days call for serious relaxation back at base though, so alongside a hearty evening meal we can raise a glass to our achievements so far.

Day 4

We’ll see how everybody’s feeling after two big mountain days – today’s an optional chill-out or ‘lighter’ ride day.

You might be curious to see the area at a slightly more leisurely pace, or just burning to know what the local whisky tastes like! As good as it is, this part of Scotland has a lot going for it to compliment the great riding, so we’ll make sure to show you a little of the special character of the area.

Day 5

Today’s one of those mornings where the mountain views from a cosy bed may slow up progress for a while, but what’s waiting for us on the Isle of Skye has a stronger pull than the duvet!

We’ll pick a tasty route – whether an epic out and back, a stunning coastal loop, or a short uber-technical alpine sortie, or even a combo if time and stamina allow. We’ll grab coffee and cake after the ride (are you sensing we like our coffee!!) and by the time we roll back to HQ in the evening, it’ll be time for a loch side BBQ, a hearty home-cooked meal or some pub fayre served locally.

Day 6

By now we’ll have had a chance to get to know each other, share our favourite moments and get an idea of what makes us tick as riders. If you’re still hungering for more big mountain days then we have a treat in store for you among the lofty ridges and pinnacles of Kintail. Travelling down the coast a little takes us to an area with a completely different character, where more jaw-dropping trails lurk between high peaks.

A coastal start reminds us of the previous day’s adventures as we look out to Skye across the water, before we turn our heads to the mountains and negotiate ancient drove roads and mountain paths. We’ll certainly be earning our turns here, but before we drop in to another technical descent we’ll be rewarded with unforgettable views through to the stunning Glen Affric.

Day 7

Retracing the ancient coffin road (singletrack) across the Applecross Peninsula we’ll climb onto an exposed headland with stunning views all around, before weaving our way to the coast, climbing and descending on some of the world’s most ancient rock. Singletrack created by the Gods!

Your prayers will be answered because the ride finishes nearby one of Scotland’s finest and friendliest seafood restaurants – the Applecross Inn. After a late lunch at the Inn, we’ll travel over the UK’s most alpine pass – Bealach-na-Ba – to catch the setting sun as we truck back to HQ. There might be some legs that are glad for the relief, but we reckon your head will be bursting with ideas and dreams to come back here!

Day 8

Just as you’re getting into the groove, you realise it’s our very last day…after a relaxed breakfast, we’ll sort out our kit, take one last look at this incredible part of Scotland before starting our homeward journey south.

Trip Tips

Throw out those skinny lightweight cross-country tyres –  this trip is screaming out for sturdy rubber and big volume casings!

Torrid Affair

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Recent Reviews - Crown Jewels

“Their knowledge of mountain biking and trails across Scotland is mind-blowing, it felt like they knew every trail, path and track everywhere we went and I have no doubt it’s the same on all of their trips.

Go-Where Scotland are the go-to for mountain bike trips in Scotland. Having followed them on social media for over a year, seeing the incredible locations they take their guests to and reading their customer reviews I committed to a weekend trip in Royal Deeside – the Crown Jewels.

All the guests had a voice as to where we went and what we rode each day and I think everyone was delighted with what we rode – no mean feat with six keen riders and six big personalties even when the weather didn’t play ball on the second day.

Andy and the guides, Huw and Aneela, were super friendly, entertaining and competent with a balanced focus on enjoyment and safety. It was quickly apparent we were getting to experience the best of the local area each day depending on the weather and what the group were up for. I can’t recommend Go-Where highly enough, if you’re at all interested in their trips go for it, they won’t disappoint.” Al Conroy

“ The guiding throughout the week was second to none. Our guide must have a GPS in his head as we were following routes that seemed non-existent in places, then out springs the most awesome trails.

Really well organised from initial booking to the end of the trip. Every detail covered. Very warm welcome from Andy and his lovely wife Aneela who joined us for a couple of days.

Our aim was to explore the natural riding trails in the Caringorms. All expectations were exceeded. The diversity of the terrain and rides, not to mention the most beautiful landscapes and scenery. You can travel the world and not witness scenery that’s so dramatic and awe inspiring as the Scottish Highlands. Photos don’t do it justice.

Epic. We were completely shattered by the end of it. But we even rode on our day off as we couldn’t get enough. Every day was different. The grin factor was extremely high.

We were referred to GO-WHERE by a friend who described their knowledge of the Highlands as impressive. We were not dissappointed – the guiding was excellent. Very attentive, aware of the surroundings and environment. Always had a contingency plan of trails if the weather changed. But most importantly, we felt safe – Andy would never take unnecessary risks, and there were places where you could get really lost without an expert guide.

Just wish we could do it all again. We’ll start saving for another trip in a few months. Many, many thanks for such a memorable trip from us both.” Nicky and Jonas Hjerpe

Recent Reviews - Dirty Weekends

“Superb, great set up, fantastic riding and excellent organisation. World class!

Challenging but exceptional fun. Very highly rated guides. Skilled people managers with a confidence inspiring level of knowledge and experience.

Mainly though you’re nice folks to go riding and hang out with.

I was slightly wary of a river crossing as I’ve never done one before but your people and risk management skills put me at ease and made the whole thing an enjoyable adventure. Jase King

“An amazing experience and one that I’ll always remember for many reasons.

I sincerely hope that I have the health and time to do this again. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in years. Ian Bayetto

“I had a fantastic time. Right from the first phone call Andy couldn’t have been more helpful and I felt like I was talking to a friend who I had known for years.

All the information I needed was emailed before the trip so I knew exactly what was what before I set off and I really enjoyed how laid back this trip was, all the best places to drink coffee/beer and eat have been discovered. Lizzy Farley


Recent Reviews - Mountain Lassies

“The trip was amazing, the riding was fantastic! I have ridden the usual trail centres in the Borders previously, I can genuinely say I wasn’t expecting the thrills I was given. The climbs were definetly worth the slog!! “

…the first time I have ever travelled anywhere alone and was made to feel so at home. It has given me the confidence to be more independent.

Three things that surprised me about the trip?

1.How easily a bunch of strangers can get along and giggle so much

2. The great quality of riding at your doorstep

3.The fact we could go back and tackle our nemesis – not something you can always do with the boys. Nicola Palmer

“Fantastic trip. Beautiful routes and scenery which distracted nicely from the climbs! Definitely going to come again and inspired to spend more time on my bike.

Good balance of riding and breaks and some tips without feeling like I was being “”assessed”” on my riding skills.

A great way to forget about work and get over night shifts! Great camaraderie without being “”girly””, even if we did end up persuading Julia to get gel nails, we also discussed where to ride, and some technical bike stuff.

Good food – nice balance of eating out and cooking in.” Liz Pilling

Recent Reviews - Torrid Affair

“The only problem was it was so damn good, how can the next one match it..? 

Keep doing what you’re doing…. It’s already A+ service..” Cam Fletcher

“Pretty f*%kkin awesome mate, aye!

I think what really struck me is how genuine and utterly authentic you both are. Amazing biking and views and weather are brilliant to have and do, but ultimately without the warmth and care you both showed it would just fall flat. The trip was super slick and professional where it needed to be, and relaxed and marginally ‘fawlty towers’ where it didn’t matter – great fun, spontaneous, exuberant and full of energy! It’s perfect :)” Jessica Wiegand

“I had an amazing time. One of the best trips I’ve ever been on.

Coming from rural northern canada I had the misconception that scotland wouldn’t have much rugged, wilderness compared to canada. I was wrong! Scotland is beautiful and there is so much to explore. We could not have done it without our guides Andy and Huw. I was blown away by their knowledge of biking and the terrain. They also made us feel very welcome and comfortable with lots of laughs and stories on the trail and over delicious meals. It was an excellent way to explore scotland. I’ll be back!

10/10 for sure! They were absolutely amazing.

I’ve guided a lot myself and i can say with complete confidence and certainly that the trip would not have been the same without them. They were very skilled, support and fun which i think is the best combination. The guides made the trip. I wouldn’t go with anyone else. I can’t recommend them enough.” Linnea Rudachyk

“As a Canadian girl coming from Vancouver having only ever ridden trails on the north shore, Squamish and whistler you guys blew my socks off.

I would have to say this was one of the best weekends of my life and I’ve been a tad sad since it ended. From the scenery, to the riding, to the hospitality, to the organization, to the food, to the company and the laughter there was not one area that would need any sort of improvement. And I can hardly wait to come back.

If it wasn’t for our guide I don’t think the experience would have been the same. He was informative and we always knew what was coming at us around the corner, what to look at and the history of where we were riding. He never put us in jeopardy and made sure we all started and finished the rides with a smile on our faces.

I think it is obvious from above that this trip was exactly as it was promised.

I would rate this trip as a ‘if you don’t get yourself over here and ride it you are seriously missing out’ rating.

So, what does that equate too? 10/10?” Hayley McGowan, Vancouver

Local Flavour - Strathspey

Strathspey is a land of contrasts – deep, silent forests of ancient Scots Pine shelter beneath some of the UK’s highest summits, where the sub-arctic landscape is more similar to Scandinavia than the rest of the British Isles.

The trails here have something for everyone to enjoy, from long days out in remote backcountry to technical mountain trails in the main Cairngorm massif and loam-rich rollercoasters through the pines. With so much choice on offer we can tailor the riding to what you want to ride.

From the ski town of Aviemore, we can choose to explore further into some of Britain’s largest areas of native Caledonian forest, through ancient drove roads and into a post-glacial landscape that still bears the marks of the glaciers that carved it. The maze of pristine singletrack in Speyside is as varied as it is widespread, so join us on a trip off the beaten track and into the hills!

Trip Type


Mountain biking by another name – riding the whole hill and sometimes getting off and carrying or pushing to reach those tricky to access (but oh-so-worth-it) descents. This is the kind of riding most regular mountain bikers are familiar with – you’ll encounter almost every kind of terrain and gradient and may include some hike-a-bike.


In reality, a mountain bike race format known for its leisurely ‘liaison’ climbs to access technical descents – it’s become pretty much interchangeable with ‘mountain biking’ around the world. For us, the main distinction to ‘all-mountain’ is a higher quota of technical, downhill biased riding.


We offer a variety of different kinds of mountain bike trips in Scotland. Please check your specific trip dates for what’s included in your trip, for example:


Accommodation is included


Breakfast is included


Guiding is included


Transfers at the start and finish of the trip are included


Transfers at the start of the trip are included (we will assist with your return travel arrangements)


Transfers at the finish of the trip are included (we will assist with your outward travel arrangements)


Shuttles are provided throughout the trip


Safety First

An adventure wouldn’t be an ‘adventure’ without a degree of risk. It’s our job to manage those risks so you have the best time possible.

As well as substantial field first aid kits, your guides will be packing or distributing among the group essential group emergency items including mobile telecom’s, VHF long-range radios, emergency survival shelters, and extra emergency clothing and supplies.

We employ robust late back procedures, and every trip has been fully risk assessed. While no one can guarantee a 100% safe trip, we do everything possible to minimise risks.

And long before we depart we ensure the trip is suitable for you – none of this one size fits all approach; it simply doesn’t work!

Add to that our comprehensive pre-departure package including trip notes and essential kit, all you’re left to do is get in shape and count down the days!

Professional Guides

Expert Mountain Bike Guides

Our guides are fully trained and qualified to the highest standards essential to operate in the mountain environments our trips take place.

When you pay for our services, you’re paying for the reassurance that we know our way around the mountains, how to read people, the local conditions, logistics, fix mechanicals etc and always have a second ‘A plan’ up our sleeve.

As well as being extraordinarily great human beings (as standard!), all guides hold as a minimum the Mountain Bike Leader qualification, and emergency outdoor first aid qualifications. We believe these to be the most robust and rigorous qualifications in the business and the minimum standard for running trips like ours in Scotland. They’re not easy to come by but your enjoyment is a serious business. We’re serious about your enjoyment.

Trip Grading

We want you to pick the right mountain bike trip in Scotland for your fitness and technical ability – it helps ensure you’ll be riding with people of a similar skill level and can ride at the pace you want to ride at.

We’ve developed trip gradings based on our experience riding the terrain that features on our trips, as well as meeting and learning from riders from all over the world and understanding their expectations.

Please read the following guidelines carefully to ensure when you pick a mountain bike holiday in Scotland it’s suited to your skill and fitness. If you are unsure if a trip is right for you, please contact us.

1 – Novice

2 – Intermediate

3 – Advanced

4 – Expert

Accommodation Gradings

Where we stay during our mountain bike tours of Scotland plays almost as big a part in the overall experience as the trails we ride.

We use a wide variety of accommodation, from wild camping and bothy huts in remote wilderness settings to rustic hostels through to comfortable and friendly inns and guest houses, luxury self catering lodges, castles and everything in between.


Bivvying, bothying or wild camping under the stars; getting up close and personal with nature in every sense; what these trips lack in facilities, they make up for in adventure!


Basic, simple accommodations handpicked for their wonderful locations and honest hospitality, generally with shared facilities


Enjoy warm hospitality, a hot shower, great food and a comfortable bed at the end of a day in one of our favourite 3 or 4 star hotels, guesthouses or Highland inns ( deluxe – 5 star – superior comfort options are also available upon request)


Think of it a bit like a ski lodge (without the snow obviously!); a comfortable self-catering vacation rental chalet in the heart of mountain biking heaven, our lodges provide a fantastic base in a prime location to come back to at the end of a big day in the hills


Castles, secret hideaways and ‘those in the know’ boltholes in locations across Scotland, perfect places for those looking for something a little bit different from their time in Scotland

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