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Anyone who knows Boulder Colorado knows it’s a mountain biker’s dream paradise. That’s what makes Linda & Tim’s reaction to their custom ‘Big Mountain Safari’ in Scotland so special!

UK Big Mountain Safari Custom Mountain Bike Tours Scotland

“We have 3 rides under our belts and are having a blast so far!! We felt we needed to check in and thank you for this awesome single track! The Ballater descent was our favorite so far. We just did the Applecross one this evening…magical. Linda and I are having a blast! Did the Annat lollipop today and it was awesome. Great weather and super fun descents. We are in Skye having drinks now. Hope you guys are well just wanted to let you know we are loving your ride selections!”

These guys wanted to explore the best riding, the trail gems – and to experience the warm heart of Scotland. We’ve been mountain biking in Scotland for a while, nearly 25 years in fact. You build a lot of relationships in that time – you become friends with the loveliest landlords, the best restaurateurs, cosiest inns and the quirkiest off the beaten track ‘must visits’ – you find the best guides and the slickest bike suppliers.

These nuggets aren’t always easy to find. Relationships are the heart of our business. Sure, ace riding is the foundation and we built that by trial and error (and we are still searching), but these bonds are the mortar, the magic glue that turns a great trip into a once in lifetime experience. We’re super proud to be trusted by guests from all over the world to build their dream trips and we’re as proud of every relationship we’ve built along the way. But most of all, we are proud to share our passion for this beautiful country. Scotland is a beautiful beastie!

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