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We count ourselves fortunate to have the choice to do the things we love almost each and every day. Not everyone is quite so lucky.

Aneela, Emma (FNY Collective) and Andy visited a local foodbank recently to give a donation of toiletries, gift vouchers and cash raised at their recent festival. We met the lovely John Tucker who runs the Foodbank told us that over 1500 people used the service in the last year with referrals from the local women’s refuge, Citizen’s Advice Bureau and social services. In the lead up to Christmas he’s had 23 adults and 19 children seeking their vital support.

Sometimes we are guilty of living in our fun-filled mountain bike bubbles but perhaps it’s good to take a moment and reflect especially at this time of year – on the need for foodbanks in our communities; that there are men, women and children in our local schools struggling to buy life’s bare essentials.

Mountain biking in Scotland

All of us can donate to the foodbanks all year around at local supermarkets, and for every sale Go-Where Scotland makes in December and January, we pledge 10% of our income to these vital local charities.

Happy holidays. 🎄🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🎄


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