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Aneela McKenna

Aneela McKenna Mountain Bike Guide Go Where Scotland

The brains behind the outfit, Aneela’s known for her infectious laughter and brings a lot of fun to the Go-Where experience. She’s a great motivator, and can often be heard at the back of the pack making sure everyone’s having the best of times!

Aneela’s part of the Juliana Bicycles ambassador programme and loves riding her Joplin whilst sharing her passion for getting more women into the sport – she finds nothing more satisfying than seeing other women ride harder, stronger and most importantly gain confidence and value their skills. Follow her Instagram feed to see what she’s been getting up to lately, and don’t forget to check out the new women’s adventures she’s introducing into the schedules too!

Aneela’s favourite saying tells a lot about her outlook:

“I don’t ride a bike to add days to my life. I ride a bike to add life to my days!”

Andy McKenna

Andy’s a dedicated (hairy) mountain biker and has been since the mid 80’s, spending far too much time pouring over maps, exploring the mountains of Scotland and beyond.

Andy McKenna, Owner Go Where Scotland

Turning his passion for two-wheeled adventure into a successful mountain bike guiding & tour business at Go-Where, Andy’s an experienced mountain bike guide and a (very) reluctant administrator so he tries to get out of the office and onto the hill as much as he possibly can!

“I get such a buzz showing off how amazing the riding is in Scotland – it’s the best job in the world being able to take what I’ve learned about Scotland over the past 20+ years and turn that into somebody’s dream trip!”

Learn more about Andy in an interview with Dirt Magazine.

Andy Stanford

Andy Stanford Senior Mountain Bike Guide, Go Where Scotland

Our Senior Guide Andy’s originally from Manchester, honing his passion for mountain biking grinding the trails of the Northern Pennines before he realised the error of his ways and shipped north to Scotland to settle with his family.

We’re fortunate to have Andy on the Go-Where team – as one of Scotland’s most experienced mountain bike guides, he’s spent a lifetime thriving in the outdoor industry. If he’s not actually guiding a trip, you’ll find him weaving a pretty quick dash along a ribbon of singletrack around his home in the Trossachs.

“I’ve been lucky to guide and lead a wide variety of clients all over the world. I’ve been fortunate enough to have travelled and ridden all over, from the US and Canada to the Alps and New Zealand – Scotland as a riding destination however has to be the winner hands down for me though! Awesome scenery, belting trails and amazing wildlife.”

Huw Oliver

 Huw is like the proverbial Duracell Bunny – he’ll try anything at least once and he usually does pretty well at it too. Bikepacking across Iceland, Enduro racing, 24 hour marathons or the simple joy of finding out what that trail on a map is like in real life.

Huw Oliver Mountain Bike Guide Go Where Scotland

His wealth of experience and sage outlook on what can be achieved on a bike is a thing to behold. Huw has guided and raced abroad, but his heart is very much in Scotland.

 “The endless variety of Scottish riding makes it such a satisfying experience to share it with like-minded people, as long as I have the essential fuel of peanut butter and jam sandwiches!”

Favourite places to ride?

 “The North-West highlands – after a long day out in the hills, a Scottish summer sunset over the sea lochs and islands is all the peace I could ask for.”

Amen to that!

Davy McIlrath

Davy McIlrath Mountain Bike Guide, Go Where Scotland

Davy’s passion for the outdoors started early – he grew up in the countryside of Northern Ireland finding adventure beyond the next field, hedgerow or river – whether it be by trusty BMX, foot or boat.

“I have worked in the outdoor industry for around 10 years, coaching and guiding in a variety of sports, such as sea kayaking, river kayaking, coasteering, hill walking and of course Mountain Biking.  During this time, the outdoors has enabled me to explore some amazing places in the UK and beyond. I have been involved in sea kayaking expeditions in Norway, Scotland and Ireland; spent winter seasons in the French Alps; and most recently experienced life in New Zealand while working as a mountain bike coach and mechanic on the South Island.”

Mountain Biking is Davy’s real passion and focus.

“I think the sport can provide so much enjoyment on so many levels – the social aspect (which is ever growing), motivation to stay fit and healthy, and a method to explore further and for longer in the mountains. You cannot beat the buzz you get from descending a nice bit of singletrack! So get on your bike and go have fun!”

Keith Scott

Keith has been biking, hiking and climbing all over Scotland for the last 20 years and has worked in the outdoor industry guiding and instructing for just over ten. He brings a wealth of remote mountain experience to the Go-Where team.

Keith Scott Mountain Bike Guide, Go Where Scotland

Calling the Tweed Valley home, when he’s not in the mountains you can find him riding the secret gems of the valley savouring the steep and loamy. If there’s someone to make you feel at ease in the middle of nowhere up a mountain or off the beaten track then Keith is your guy.

Favourite place in Scotland:

“The North West Highlands and Isle of Skye – I was lucky enough to start my outdoor career working up that way and I’ve been going back regularly ever since. I’ll never get tired of the stunning scenery.”

Paul Cunningham

Paul’s been a biker since the stabilisers came off at age four, then he progressed to BMX, smashed and jumped everything he could, usually his brother’s and pals brave/daft enough to lie down in front of his trusty plywood and brick ramp. And by the late 80’s and his first Peugeot mountain bike he was totally hooked.

Paul Cunningham Mountain Bike Guide, Go Where Scotland

The two wheel obsession would take him on so many adventures with motocross, motor bike enduro and trials heavily in the mix too.Mountain biking is a massive love in Paul’s life and as a member of Peebles Cycle Club and a kids club leader, he love’s being able to give something back to the great kids in the Tweed Valley. TCL then Mountain Bike Leader and now as a fully fledged Guide, Paul loves every minute on the hill.

“When I’m not looking after our amazing guests, Enduro is my passion – I may not be the youngest in the team but I’ve been lucky enough to take top spot in enduro Masters Cat in the past on my sweet Bronson…so who knows what 2017’s got in store for me, plenty more two-wheeled adventures that’s for sure!” 

Favourite trail snacks?

“Guaranteed there’s a giant bag of Haribos always on standby in my pack!”

Jamie MacManaway

Jamie MacManaway Mountain Bike Guide Scotland

Jamie grew up in Scotland’s Kingdom of Fife and has been riding bikes as long as he can remember including over ten years guiding out in the French and Swiss Alps, the Italian Riviera, and the Canadian Rockies.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to guide all over the world but Scotland has always called me back, and I’m now based in Fort William, ‘the Outdoor Capital of the UK’. I love riding epic singletrack, and getting out on big backcountry adventures, and the Highlands of Scotland has some of the most phenomenal terrain on the planet. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to share my passion for this beautiful country, and this amazing sport with visitors from all over the world.” 

Charley Oldrid

Charley Oldrid Mountain Bike Guide

Charley’s a lovable Welshman although some guests have remarked about his slightly weird toes (he is too awesome not to have on our crew so we have decided to overlook them)!

As well as a degree in outdoor leadership, Charley brings 15 years experience of inspiring people in the outdoors – the last 10 of those on bikes. He lives in the UK’s second mountain biking paradise – the Lake District – where you’ll regularly find him testing kit to destruction for the mountain biking press.

“My passion for the Scottish highlands began very early when I was fortunate enough to be pulled out of school for a few months every winter to stay at the Cairngorm Reindeer Centre. This was enough to inspire me towards a lifetime of exploring the rock faces, peaks and glens from the Trossachs all the way up to Sutherland. There is nowhere that makes me feel more alive than Scotland’s wildest and most remote areas.”

Kevin McBride

Kevin McBride Mountain Bike Guide Go-Where Scotland

Kevin’s an Ayrshire lad who’s been riding bikes since he was a kid and has never really stopped. Over the years, he’s picked up his fair share of experience, qualifications and awards for leading groups in all sorts of challenging environments – which makes him a solid pair of hands on the hill!

Kevin grew up exploring his local Ayrshire trails and further afield, and back in the day was a regular on the Scottish cross country race scene. But like the mountain biking scene his interest and passion for mountain biking has evolved and changed over the years and now Kevin uses is Mountain Bike Leader qualifications to coach and develop youngsters within the Air Cadet Organisation.

“My main passion, however, is to explore and share new trails in the big mountains of Scotland. It doesn’t matter how fit, skilled or talented you are, there’s always something new to learn and experience in the hills; no two days are ever the same. I love being in remote places where there is no sign of civilisation and knowing that you got there riding a bike just makes that feeling so much sweeter.”

Dan Parker

Dan Parker Go-Where Scotland Mountain Bike Guide

Originally born and raised in Wales Dan is now fortunate enough to call
Scotland home. He is based with his young family in Aviemore.

Dan loves exploring new and remote areas on his bike as well as tearing around his local trails right on his doorstep. He’s been working in the outdoor industry for over 10 years gaining qualifications in all areas of the outdoor sector. Providing top quality experiences in a range of activities from canoeing and climbing to gorge walking, however, mountain biking is by far Dan’s favourite.

“Scotland is an awesome place to live and work – the sheer variety of trails is world class; there’s something for everyone and I love taking folk into new exciting areas to show off this beautiful country.”

Our Experience

As you would expect from an outfit like ours, there’s a raft of training, awards and qualifications behind Scotland’s most authentic mountain biking adventures. Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to receive more than our fair share of endorsements from guests, our partners and the media – and we’ve picked up a pretty strong list of awards.

Here’s just some of the important ones that mean you’re in safe hands and sure to have a great time in the mountains of Scotland:

  •  British Cycling Level 3 Mountain Bike Leader
  • MBLA Mountain Bike Leader Summer and Winter
  • MBLA Night Riding Leader
  • Go MTB Level 5 Assessor
  • MBLA Level 1 Aspirant Tutor
  • Velotech Gold Cycle Maintainance Award
  • Summer Mountain Leader Award
  • HSE First Aid in the Outdoors
  • B.A.S.P Emergency Outdoor First Aid

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