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Go-Where Scotland’s founders, Andy and Aneela took themselves offline for a week recently.

Like everyone, they spend most of their time wired in – constantly connected – communication’s the name of the game and it’s all too easy to forget how refreshing it can be to completely break off every once in a while.

Andy and Aneela McKenna gravel bikepacking Mount Etna Sicily Italy

Andy and Aneela spend their lives organising, arranging, sweating the details so their guests have the very best riding holidays and adventures in Scotland – so what better way to take a well earned break than to load up the gravel bikes, attach the bikepacking kit, pocket the credit card and fly off to Sicily, Italy with no real plan beyond simply riding their bikes in unfamiliar mountain-scapes, meeting the locals and immersing themselves in the culture, food and landscapes of an island they knew little of. Bliss.

Aneela McKenna expert map reader

Being open to the unexpected adventures this simple approach allows, they rode wherever their encounters and whims steered them – here’s a wee peek into their journey (you’ll find the full photo album here).

Andy McKenna gravel cycling Mount Etna Sicily Italy

They returned home refreshed and excited for what lies ahead in 2020 (they’re putting the finishing touches to next year’s trips right now).

Local life Sicily Italy October 2019

Here’s to everyone who’s made 2019 another great season – a huge thanks to our guests from all over the world, and to our partners for being such an important part of this crazy ride – massive thanks to Santa Cruz and Juliana Bicycles, Jungle Products, Endura, Wilderness Trail Bikes, Hotlines, Evoc, Zyro Fisher, Ortlieb, Lyon Cycle, Shimano, Madison and Fox and to Alpine Bikes, Glentress and Fall Line Cycles for everything they do to keep us on track!


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