Matt Tomlinson – Border Raid

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I’ve just returned from one of the border raid weekend trips. We were a group of 6 with 2 guides, Aneela and Jamie.

The fitness and riding ability of the group was very similar so I think that helped the guides choose the trails that we rode. The group itself gelled brilliantly, so we had a great time off the bike too in the evening. Obviously, the group dynamics will be unique to every tour.
The riding itself was excellent, pretty hairy at times for someone not used to steep, narrow trails with lots of wet roots but everyone generally stayed upright and had a great experience.
The guides were obviously monitoring the tiredness levels of the group towards the later stages of the day and I think got the amount of riding spot on with all the group saying that they were about spent.
I will be booking the torrid affair next year.
Keep up the good work guys!

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