Ryan Kephart – Custom Border Patrol

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The riding was absolutely spot on! From buffed out flowy stuff, to some really fun technical trails in Innerleithen, my guide even let me get a taste of some pretty spicy trails that were used in the EWS when Glentress hosted a race.

I even got to take a peep at some terrain, that for this trip, was beyond my capabilities. However this has only motivated me to get fitter and improve my skills for my next trip. Yes, I’m coming back!

You exceeded every expectation I had. Getting to meet Paul, Shauna & Aneela for dinner & a pint was a real treat. Again, I felt like I was hanging out with old friends.

You all made me feel so welcome in your homeland. As a person who tends to be very shy and stand offish, this mean more to me than you could imagine. Thank you for the amazing experience. I’m already planning my return! Sláinte’!

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