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This is what stoked to be in Scotland looks like. Washington DC’s a long way to travel for Scotland’s Tweed Valley and we could not be any prouder of our country and our guides when we receive feedback like this from our guest Ryan Kephart who joined us recently for a custom ‘Border Patrol’ adventure.

Ryan Kephart Mountain Biking Scotland

How would you rate the quality of the trip overall Ryan?

10 out of 10

What did you like best?

Getting to sample some trails in a part of the world that has captured my imagination since I was a young kid.

What surprised you most?

The amount and quality of trails that exist in the Tweed Valley!

How was the riding (e.g. pace, choice of trails)?

The riding was absolutely spot on! From buffed out flowy stuff, to some really fun technical trails in Innerleithen, my guide even let me get a taste of some pretty spicy trails that were used in the EWS when Glentress hosted a race. I even got to take a peep at some terrain, that for this trip, was beyond my capabilities. However this has only motivated me to get fitter and improve my skills for my next trip. Yes, I’m coming back!

The pace was perfect as my guide, Paul, allowed me to ride at my pace on the climbs, which isn’t breaking any records. This is something that I really appreciated. This is actually something I’m fairly self conscious about but Paul made totally eased my insecurities.

How were your Guide/s?

Paul was my guide and he is as good of a dude as I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I felt like I was riding with an old friend. He took special care to show me things he thought I may find interesting. He even offered to take me for ‘a wee cast’ to do some fly fishing after we were done riding, but unfortunately I was getting short on time. Next time, Paul! He showed me some mind blowing historical buildings and castles & even took the time to show me a few very cool historical sights in his hometown of Peebles. As for the riding, he showed me some excellent trails! I also appreciated him helping to push me with regards to my technical riding. Thanks Paul, stoked to ride you again man!

How would you rate the Guides?

10 out of 10

How was your accommodation?

The Caddon View Guest House was fantastic. The breakfast of smoked salmon with eggs & cheese on toast and a side of fresh fruit and yogurt was hands down the best breakfast I had my entire trip.

Any ideas for future trips (or can we do anything better?)

I would love to spend more time in the Borders. So much good riding!! But I’d also like to get fitter and up my riding ability and get to do some riding in Torridon & Skye.

Any final words on your trip Ryan?

You exceeded every expectation I had. Getting to meet Paul, Shauna & Aneela for dinner & a pint was a real treat. Again, I felt like I was hanging out with old friends. You all made me feel so welcome in your homeland. As a person who tends to be very shy and stand offish, this mean more to me than you could imagine. Thank you for the amazing experience. I’m already planning my return! Sláinte!

As you can tell, we loved showing Ryan the Tweed Valley gold and if you like the sound of Ryan’s trip, July’s week-long ‘Border Patrol’ is going to blow you away – definitely one to check out but don’t hand around as there’s only five spots remaining!

Thanks to our friends Alpine Bikes, Glentress – Ryan’s rental bike on the trip was the uber-capable Santa Cruz Bronson. 💪

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