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Mountain Lassies mountain bike tours. It’s not that easy to put into words – different vibes, different attitudes – “because sometimes you just want to ride with other women”. Whatever that ‘thing’ is, we get it. We’ve been excited about running women’s mountain bike tours in Scotland since day one. Heck – our Souls Trails with Anka’s nearly sold out already for the third year running!

Seeing more and more rad female riders bitten by the same bug that got us hooked way back in the day is awesome – having the chance to share Scotland’s best mountain biking with them is a privilege. We polled our guests recently and they told us loud and clear “YES PLEASE, keep on doing what you’re doing!”

UK Womens Mountain Bike Holiday Scotland

These mountain bike tours are run for women, entirely by women. They’re not a rebadged version of our other trips. And we sure ain’t hopping on some kind of ‘new market opportunity’ bandwagon like we’re seeing more and more in the mountain bike industry.

Our mountain bike trips are quite unique in so many subtle ways. And we’re very very proud of them. We hope you manage to ride with us one day and find out for yourself what we’re all about.



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